New Dwellings

With the current housing shortage in the UK, the government planning guidelines lean towards finding in favour of development. Often this maybe a small, single plot development for a two bedroom house, or a larger plot where several houses may be possible.

If you think you may have a building plot suitable for development, we can advise in the first instance of the criteria that need to be considered. This may relate to restrictions in certain villages, open countryside policies, access arrangements, impact on neighbouring properties etc.

We have obtained planning permission for a number of single dwellings to the rear of an existing, where a large garden has been available. Often, this has been as a retirement dwelling for those who have lived in an area for a considerable number of years and have no wish to move away, but find their existing dwelling no longer suitable.
A dwelling with a large garden area to the side may have a potential building plot.

In addition, once a large garden is no longer a desirable feature, selling part of the garden as a building plot with planning permission is a viable alternative to down-sizing.

If you think you may have a potential building plot, we would be happy to advise in the first instance, with a free, initial project appraisal.