Garden & Sun Rooms

In recent years, conservatories have been in less demand, often being replaced by garden or sun rooms. In effect, these are usually a single storey extension to a dwelling with a standard roof, but with a considerably larger glazed area. This means that the room can be used all year round, maximising light and sunshine, while giving an additional room for a variety of uses. Often used as an additional sitting room or sometimes a dining room, a garden room can include floor to ceiling glazed doors that slide back, in order to maximise both light and outside usage on fine days.

Garden room extension

A garden room can become part of your kitchen or sitting room, designed either with internal doors or as a completely open space. This versatility is rarely available in a conservatory, due to the amount of heat loss in winter months. With contemporary requirements for open plan living, a garden room can give the additional space required, whilst making the most of the outlook from your home.