Barn Conversions

Although the number of barns suitable for conversion has diminished in recent years, government legislation has opened up new possibilities. Agricultural buildings may now be converted to residential use, providing they meet several criteria. Crucially, the building or barn needs to have been in agricultural use and be structurally sound for conversion.

We have designed and obtained prior notification acceptance for a number of these conversions, some under construction and some now being enjoyed as homes, with most being in the open countryside with wonderful views and surroundings. If you think you may have a suitable agricultural barn, please contact us for an initial discussion and free appraisal.

Agricultural building for conversion
This agricultural barn was converted to a dwelling under a Class Q, C3 prior approval notice to the local authority. The external features of the barn were necessarily retained under this type of permission.
Internal of converted barn above.

We have also designed conversions for many barns, both large and small, that required a regular planning submission and approval. This can be an opportunity to create a truly unique home, designed for your specific needs. Good design is crucial, not only to maximise the potential dwelling, but also as there may be restrictions on new openings for existing barns.

Plans for dutch barn conversion